Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I feel a bit like a volcano. I wake in the morning and before I know where I am, I'm coughing and spluttering like nobody's business. Blooming summer cold! This morning I'd have loved to have phoned in sick and stayed in bed. What did I do? I staggered in, and felt better after the third cup of coffee.

(What have I been told about cutting down on caffeine? To be fair, only one cup was caffeinated. As for cutting down on liquid intake - well, forget it. I needed those coffees, urgently!)

After a miserable, wet day, I am happy to report that the sun has come out. It's only coming up to 7 pm, and there's every chance I should get a few hours' research done tonight. So, excuse me folks, but I think I'll go and get cracking.

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