Monday, June 06, 2005

If I get to do any research stuff in the morning, then it has to be a Good Start to the Day!
I went and did some reading at the University Library; in fact, I got through it quicker than I expected. Stupidly, I hadn't brought my other notes with me, so I couldn't continue making notes on the other books I'm interested in. (I wouldn't have known where I left off last time, and when it's a set if indices, then that kind of matters...)

You'd be amazed how alert and awake I feel when I get the chance to do research before 10 pm at night ...!

I got SuperSpouse's birthday present en route to work - another job well-done. I ought to make a birthday cake tonight, but he's supposed to be on a diet. That's a bit of a problem. (He's too heavy for his heart, and I'm too bulgy for the beach. We've got 3 and a half weeks to do something about the situation.)

In the interest of getting all my other tasks done, I'm going to keep this posting short tonight. Please read yesterday's posting. Whatever your faith, and however small, please echo that prayer in your heart, for the sake of my friends' daughter.

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