Saturday, June 25, 2005

It's not my weekend. Loads of things I ought to be doing, so I'll just give you a speedy breakdown on where we're at:-

  • Cricked my neck on Thursday morning - I've been walking round like the hunchback of Notre Dame ever since. Panadol ACTIFAST is a misnomer - it doesn't relieve the pain of a stiff neck at all, never mind quickly. (How about ActiSlowIfAtAll? Wouldn't sell, would it?)
  • Folk having a heated argument in the street at half-past midnight ought to be shot.
  • Folk breaking into SuperSpouse's car through the rear passenger window at 2.30 am don't even deserve a quick demise. Luckily for them, they scarpered when I banged on the bedroom window, and it took me five minutes to realise that I could have crept out with a baseball bat to far better effect ...
  • SuperSpouse is away to Bothwell to get the window fixed this afternoon. (Look up Glasgow to Bothwell on - it's miles, but miles better than waiting until Monday for a local repair.)

Sigh! Now the boys are having a water-fight, which at least gets them outside but doesn't give Pseudo-Supermum very much peace. When do I get these research assignments done?

Don't answer that!

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