Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pseudo-Supermum and Recycled Postgrad go out for a drive.

How so? I needed books from the University Library. SuperSpouse was out, and I couldn't get a babysitter at such short notice, so I took the kids to the Uni Library. With the bribe of a McFlurry if they were good, they filed into that library, tiptoed past the odd studious student, and waited while I found three books. Tiptoed back downstairs again, and out we trecked to the car. Easy-peasy.

It was annoying to say the least, that our local McDonalds had closed its doors at 7.55 pm because it technically closed at 8 pm. Fortunately, there's another outlet only a mile or two away, so we did get our McFlurries - and very nice they were, too.

Now, I have various things I need to look up. (It's now 25 to 11 and the kids are all asleep, so this is when I have to try to achieve Something Studiously Significant.)

So - I'll post this, then Recycled Postgrad can concentrate on the tasks in hand.

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