Friday, June 03, 2005

Surprise, surprise - my arms don't ache any more.

Coincidentally, I've got a whole load of stuff done that has been hanging over me:-
  • 2 music research presentations over Easter
  • 2 librarianship presentations this term
  • doubly-revised music article resubmitted
  • librarianship article submitted
  • music presentation turned into an article, and submitted
  • librarianship presentation turned into an article, and submitted

Now if my carpal tunnel syndrome was playing up, you'd think all that would have made it worse. Yet, I haven't been doing a huge amount of typing, and now the stress is over, my arms are now fine. Maybe it was more stress than CTS?

Just think what all this is doing for my CV! Pity I'm not going anywhere, but at least it keeps the CV refreshed in case one day the unforseen, unexpected Perfect Post comes up somewhere.

No.1 son is due back from France just before midnight tonight. SuperSpouse is going up to school to meet him. The boy'll be totally shattered.

Now, theoretically we ought to be at the swimming pool at 9 am tomorrow morning. There are a few problems, though:-

  • no.1 son will be too tired
  • no.2 son has verrucas, which we only discovered a couple of days ago. I went on a Verruca Sock hunt today. The lady in Boots said that they had stuff to treat verrucae, but not to cover them up for going swimming. (Very helpful, don't you think?!) So I tried the sports shop next door, but they only had large or small but not medium socks. Went back to work with my hands stinking of latex, having examined the large socks and found them too large. Went to three local chemists after work, but there were none to be had anywhere.
  • no.3 son always complains at going swimming anyway.

The obvious solution is to skip swimming lessons, but we still have to go later on to sign up for the next course after the school summer holidays. And no.1 son still has to go to orchestra, because they've got a concert coming up.

Excuse me - I must go and set up the video to record the Karen Dunbar Show. No.1 son (and no.2, and SuperSpouse) are her unofficial fan-club, and I dare not admit that it hasn't been recorded for the Triumphal Homecoming. And here's our claim to fame - our family goes to the same hairdresser! (I can tell you're overwhelmed.)

(The picture comes from the BBC Scotland comedy web-pages.)

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