Thursday, July 21, 2005

11.20 pm, and finally I get a chance to sit down by myself! Super-Spouse has gone to Dusseldorf with his fellow tram-enthusiasts. I ran the kids to Summer Camp (one day at a time, UK-style - not the residential US concept). Did some organ practice (for the wedding I'm playing at tomorrow), then went and did a day's work.
Lunch-break was no break at all, as I spent it at my desk putting together a grant application for a research trip I plan to make in September. You can guarantee that if you're doing something for yourself in your lunch-break, then you will assuredly be interrupted with a query. I got two!
Our evening meal was an hour later than usual because I had to start it from scratch, so I let the kids chill out a bit longer than usual afterwards. That gave me time to shorten my new trousers (again, for tomorrow's wedding!). Did two loads of washing, hung out some of it, bathed two boys, practised a bit more (Widor's Toccata isn't the same without the feet, though), then accompanied Cello Boy as he sight-read some music that my father sent him last week...

I'm taking tomorrow as a day's leave - it was the only way I could play for a wedding at 1.30 pm. I might even get the shopping run done in the morning once I've dropped the boys off. However, although I was going to compile my shopping list tonight, I'm afraid I'm weary. So ... it won't get done. Night, night!
In case you were wondering - the organ image comes from - I'm pleased to acknowledge it.

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