Friday, July 15, 2005

Along the lines of "Murder yes, Divorce never..."

Believe me, I would never harm my boys - but tonight I could MURDER two of them! They were allowed to stay up late on holiday at Eurocamp. (Read my review of L'Atlantique, at That way, they enjoyed the cool of the evening, and we enjoyed long lie-ins the next day.

However, we're home again now, and some of us are off to visit a distant cousin tomorrow morning. She's distant genealogically and geographically, but much-loved and far from distant in our thoughts.

We need to be up at a reasonable hour. As I carefully explained. So, all three boys were bathed and hair-washed timeously. The little one went to bed at a reasonable time. The middle one managed to make a trip to the bathroom last for as long as a couple of chapters took to read! Both were finally tucked up in bed, albeit wide-awake. And both were still reading at 10.20 pm. Which, for little people of nine and six, is too late. No.1, on the other hand, went to bed on time and was drifting off to sleep while I read the riot act next door.

No.1 has had a busy day - we went shopping for the new school uniform, in two different shopping centres - two separate expeditions, separated by our evening meal at home!

All three were treated to a bungee-jump (indoor, on trampolines) when SuperSpouse took them out looking for GameBoy accessories this morning. All three were out on their bikes this afternoon, though no.2 can't actually ride his yet. However, he will learn this summer - the family mind is made up! He is getting embarrassed that he can't, but never wants to go out to try. So, if we just nudge him outside every day, he'll get there eventually.

But after all this rushing around and frenetic activity - why won't they sleep?!!! Whilst no.1 son isn't even kept awake by the thought of a new Harry Potter novel tomorrow!

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Pappy said...

I heard letting kids watch tv in bed helps them fall asleep.

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