Saturday, July 30, 2005

Feeling a bit like one of the Desperate Housewives, I pulled out the old cooker, scrubbed the tiles behind it, cleaned the lino and round the edges of the cooker ... so I wouldn't be covered in embarrassment when the new cooker arrived. Unaccustomed domesticity!

It was installed by midday. The electrician was surprised to hear that 'leckies were in the news yesterday. Apparently, it's easier to "score" (I believe that's the current phrase) than it is to find an electrician when you need one. He just laughed and said he wouldn't be finding out the truth in that statistic, since he was spoken for already.

Okay. Laundry done, floors washed, SuperSpouse's trousers repaired, bread [machine]-baked, and shopping done. We have plimsolls for the new term, not to mention a pair of pyjamas and some boxer-shorts. The boys protested fiercely at being dragged round to try on plimsolls - one suggested staying in the car whilst Pseudo-Supermum took one of his shoes in as a size guide! Then I asked what happened if people didn't have their gym kit on gym days. They lose a behaviour point. No further protests.

My mobile just rang. Nothing unusual there, you might think. But I'm downstairs, SuperSpouse is upstairs, and he was the caller. I was the wrong number!

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