Saturday, July 23, 2005 is the source of this image. This afternoon, the cooker exploded. Luckily, I was in the kitchen to turn off the power when it happened. Gentle reader, if you hear "pft, fizzzz, splutter" coming from your oven, then one of your elements has shorted out. Open the door and you'll see first a white flash, then a yellow one. That's the flames. Close the door and turn off the power. Go to your nearest electrical retailer and buy a new appliance. It may take a week to deliver, so resign yourself to microwave meals and McDonalds takeaways. Don't worry about that - buy the cooker, then tell your spouse what you've done. He'll be glad he was spared the bother!

Our cooker wasn't in the first flush of youth when we bought the house - the cooker came as part of the deal, and it was an earlier version of the model that I particularly liked. It has lasted another ten years. Four years ago, I had to replace the elements - that time, they just weren't working. It cost £97, then. This time, it wasn't worth a bigger bill on such an old cooker.

Intellectual Pseudo-Supermum has had a busy two days, without going near her work, and barely going near her research. Yesterday, I did the supermarket run, played for a wedding, taxi-ed the boys to and from daycare, washed, cooked - and went to the park after tea. Did a bit of reading before I fell asleep in front of the TV. I fell asleep around 11.20 pm, waking up at 3.30 pm. Not recommended. Then I staggered to bed.

Today, we went shopping. Poor boys - who would want to go to three kilt shops, and then back to the second. (This saved a tenner!) Now two little boys have kilts, sporrans, sporran belts and kilt socks. One has the pencils he needs for his course at the art school. One has a new school bag and a mountain of cello music to keep him engaged for the rest of the summer holiday!

And Pseudo-Supermum is coming to terms with the fact that she has spent a huge, vast sum of money today. I've just had a calming cup of decaffeinated tea. I need another!

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