Sunday, July 24, 2005

Health Warning: squabbling kids can drive you insane. As can defiant pre-teens. After a dose of defiance before leaving the house, more between church services, and aggressive, loud public squabbling after the second service - which the kids attended merely for the last 10 minutes, I might add! - Pseudo-Supermum had had enough. Straight home to have a solitary cup of coffee. I was in no mood for coffee with other people. Even no.3 son (not quite seven) was telling his big brother, "Leave Mum alone, let her have some peace." Sweet child.

After all that organ practice during the week, I capitalized on it by playing the same voluntaries that I played at Friday's wedding. That was a wheezy old pipe organ on Friday. Mine is a modern digital effort. The practice paid off, handsomely. Nobody noticed. Really added to my sense of well-being!

In the absence of an oven, I created a combi-microwaved meal at lunchtime. We all nobly ate it, but the pork was a bit tough. Can't imagine why - it was cooked long enough.

And I did a fair amount of research reading, in between loading/unloading the washing-machine with four loads of washing. The rest will have to wait - at 11.35 pm, the machine is still only washing the fourth load.

I was perturbed to be told that one of the big boys hanging round outside our house had a flick-knife. Yuck! I sent my eldest, and his friend, round to the friend's house, away from the teenagers. You don't tell the police - there would be reprisals if the neds worked out who had informed on them. And if you don't know the ned's name, then there's no point at all. You just keep your own kids out of their way. Nice neighbourhood we live in!

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