Friday, July 29, 2005

Other people's kids can be a pain. In the past four weeks, we've endured -

  • youths jumping on my car and smashing the windscreen
  • youths showing off a flick-knife
  • youths chasing our eldest son on his bike
  • two nights ago, teenage girls daubing paint on the wooden back gates of three houses sharing our side lane - then flinging the [almost empty] paint-tub over our wall. It made a bonny mess of our patio, but mercifully missed the windows.
  • And that's not to mention the two charming young men who broke into SuperSpouse's car in June.

Do you blame me going to the Police? Don't get me wrong - I'd far rather they concentrated their energy on arresting terrorists, but I'd also like community policemen to maintain a visible presence in our neighbourhood! Our son is now scared about going out on his bike. He never goes more than quarter of a mile away, anyway - hardly dangerous stuff. You would think.

I've tried explaining that these kids are BORED after four weeks of school summer holiday, and regrettably their parents either don't care, or don't know how to keep them occupied, or possibly can't afford the kind of activities that we try to organise.

I've emphasised that our kids' safety is of prime importance to us, and they're to come indoors immediately if they feel threatened. This might be giving in to the bullies, but at least it keeps them away from the risk of a Ned with a Knife. I'm ordering a book from Amazon - How to handle bullies, teasers and other meanies. See my side-bar if you'd like one too!

"Sometimes I don't like living here", no.1 son said wistfully. Well, I agree. But it is what we can afford. Welcome to the real world, son!

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