Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Black bra and boxer shorts! Yes, you heard me. It took me until lunchtime today to realise that I was wearing a black bra under a white shirt. Not my usual style. It might suit Patti Smith (see left), but I'm an information professional, not a performer. I dashed into Marks & Spencers at lunchtime, for a plain white strappy vest (the cheapest) - after all, standards must be upheld! I'm left wondering if anyone at work had noticed. It's not exactly a see-through blouse - but I wasn't taking any chances.

As for boxer shorts. Remember I bought some bargains for no.1 son last weekend? They were supposedly for an 11-12 year old. He squeezed himself into them, protesting that he looked like Superman. Handed them over to no.2 son - still too tight. No.3 son is not too proud - in fact, it's quite something to be nearly 7 years old, but wearing boxers that are meant to be for an 11-12 year old! For Bargain, read skimpy. Buy cheap, buy dear, as our grannies would have said.

So I went back to the drawing board. Asda had no boxers the right size. However, I found some in town yesterday, so all is well again.

Meanwhile - bloody appliances! I replaced the exploding cooker - 90 minutes from sparks to completion of sale. What next? The burglar alarm developed a malfunction. SuperSpouse called out an engineer, to discover that the firm we had relied upon had actually ceased trading three years ago ... but luckily someone else had taken over, using the same premises and the same phone-number. He arrived within 60 minutes.

You aren't superstitious, are you? Neither am I. Bad luck comes in threes. This evening the dishwasher wouldn't start. I kid you not! We tried all the obvious things - to no avail. I suggested leaving it for an hour in case it just sorted itself out - as sometimes these things do. SuperSpouse concurred. "Leave it", he pronounced, and swept off upstairs.

I couldn't resist trying again. The confounded thing started, without a murmur. Sometimes I don't understand - but I'm grateful.

Credit where it's due - here's the hyperlink for Patti Smith's image

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susan e said...

I bow before your Cutting Edge Fashion Street Cred. Almost as much fun as Thong Failure during work presentation.