Sunday, August 07, 2005

Bloody, bloody cookers! Previous visitors to this blog will know all about the Exploding Tricity President. It was very old - it was replaced. The new one arrived eight days ago.

Today, I was about to cook lunch. Phhhht! Tiny flash, off went the cooker fuse in the fuse-box. Phoned the warranty company - they might be able to send someone before Thursday, otherwise it's Improvise with Microwave Combi time again. Was I sure it was the cooker that was at fault? No, to be honest, I'm not sure. We may have a wiring problem. But I do need the cooker checked over, to be sure that (a) it has nothing wrong with it and (b) no damage has occurred by whatever happened.

I asked if the lady on the helpline would like me to reset the fuse and try to turn on the main oven, to see what happened. Yes, that would be a good idea. I did.. Phhhht! Bigger flash, and off went the cooker fuse again. I'm not trying again.

Anyone know any obliging 'leckies to check our domestic wiring from fuse box to cooker? I shall ask around at work tomorrow!

Meanwhile ... sons no.2 and 3 wore kilts to church today. I thought it was best to get them used to the idea, so they won't be self-conscious at their Uncle's wedding in England. They had their thick knee-high socks, and their sporrans, shirts and ties. "Oh", said the minister. "You do look smart. What's the special occasion?"

Loud and clear, no.1 son explained. "It's a dummy-run for a wedding in England." Riotous laughter from the congregation. Red-faced mum at the organ!

I still maintain that this reduces the risk of the two lads flicking up their kilts and dancing the Highland Fling in Norfolk, and incurring the wrath of their disapproving Nana. We may have to repeat the routine next Sunday, and the next one, to be completely sure.

The well-meaning adults in charge of the Sunday Club wanted to take them to the park, and before the service, they sent no.1 son to ask if I minded. I just said that they could, but I didn't want them going down the slide.

Had they had fun at the park? No - in the end they decided the kilts might cramp the kids' style, so they stayed indoors. What a shame! Although I am relieved that no ill befell the kilts, and that no.3 son's new cream socks are still pristine!

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