Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cello Boy is joined by Viola Boy: we bought a diminutive viola for no.2 son, today. We now have the teacher and the instrument, and just need to fix the lesson times!

It was a busy day - in town for haircuts at 8.30 am (that's so that the boys don't annoy any of the regular punters - you don't want to know the history behind this!) - waiting outside the shoe-shop at 8.50 am, waiting outside the violin shop at 9.55 am, home by 10.30 am!

After that (phew!), I dedicated the day to the family wardrobe - sewing in name-tags and altering garments. School begins for Cello Boy next Thursday. Only two pairs of trousers to go, then he's all sorted out. Only two more boys to do. At least we have another week before they return to school.

Oh, and I've done laundry and ironed ... my halo is shining.

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