Thursday, August 11, 2005

Not so much Cinderella going to the ball - more like, Ugly Sister going to the wedding! This morning was a lovely, shiny summery morning - definitely a good sign. I phoned BhS at East Kilbride, to find they had just one size 12 skirt. It's now mine, which means I won't have to alter my size 14 skirt to go to my brother's wedding. (I nearly said, my little brother's wedding, but he probably weighs twice as much as me, so that would be a bit inaccurate.)

And the engineer came and fixed the cooker - there was a loose connection on one of the hotplates. Here's how big it was:-

[ ]-------

And that made all the difference between proper cooked evening meals and hastily improvised microwaved ones!

Finally, the day has even ended well; Cello Boy has learnt to tie his school tie. I can tell you there were cries of triumph about that.

It's yet again too late to do any sensible research, but at least I can do a quick search for some stuff I'd like to look at another day....

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