Friday, August 05, 2005

Three cheers for SuperSpouse, a noble fellow. He has gone with no.1 son to a Christian rock concert. But before you express too much admiration, I have to admit that he went with a face long enough to trip himself, stating emphatically that he was going for no.1 son's sake, and not because he wanted to!!!

All the same, I was relieved that he phoned from the venue saying that maybe it wasn't going to be as bad as he thought, and there were other - ahem - older people there, too.

Meanwhile, after running them to the Underground station, the rest of us got petrol, then came home again. I washed his car, to keep him sweet. (Wonder if he'll notice?) I've cleaned the hamster cage. And now I'll ring the Cleansing Dept to get the rubbish taken away from our side lane. Fly tippers should be shot. Dumb Dumpers, as the advert says. Knowing that it might have been neighbours who left those cupboard doors and other assorted bits of wood there, makes us even madder.

The downside of the rock concert is that I can't go to the supermarket until they get home at whatever time. I don't do shopping with the kids in tow if it can be avoided!

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