Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm spooked! You don't expect to see prowlers trying to climb over your 6-foot high garden wall. So I banged on the window and yelled at them. They looked surprised.

"The house next door is up for auction. We want to see the back of the house. It's all right - I'm a businessman." They breed businessmen young and tough in the west of Scotland.

Aye, right. I let them know what I thought of people who went round climbing over other people's walls. And surely there must have been an organised viewing? Not my problem if they missed it!

"Ooh, narky neighbours!" As they stomped off down the lane, into a tiny red van and tore off into the distance.

Do you think they might have been put off? Watch this space.

I've had a lousy day. Headache and tired in the morning. Strong coffee and paracetamol saw that off. Headache and extremely tired at the meeting which I had to attend out of the office after lunch. Two strong coffees and paracetamol saw off the headache, but not the tiredness.

Bickering boys before tea, prowlers after tea, then a traffic-jam on the way to my choir-practice. I knew it wasn't my day today. I've DONE my online Tesco order (by dint of doing a partial order before I went out, just to ensure I got a delivery slot) - and now I can do a little light reading.

Doing a PhD as a full-time working mother is almost impossible. But I will not say impossible. I'm tenacious. Anyone who knows me will concur.

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