Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Out, damned spot!" - you can call me Lady Macbeth. Cello-Boy came home with ink on his shirt-collar. I've used Stain-Devil for ballpoint and felt-tip pen - repeatedly. Domestic bleach, ditto. Put it through the wash twice. The stain is less than it was, but still there.

"Sorry, Mum - the pen did say "non-fade ink". Now he tells me! But I won't be beaten.

It must be the weekend for spots. After paying all that money to get the carpets cleaned, the supermarket delivery men tramped dirt all down the hall last night, which I cleaned. More came in when we got back after swimming - I don't know which of us was to blame. And after going out on some errands, Ocarina-Kid merrily left some more muddy marks on the same carpet. I seem to spend my time on my hands and knees ...

It's a worse than typical Saturday in the Pseudo-Super household. Swimming lessons first thing. A cello exam mid-morning. A guitar lesson after lunch. A music festival mid-afternoon. Whilst SuperSpouse accompanied the young virtuoso at the festival, the rest of us went to get the car hand-washed. (I'm still following medical advice not to over-exert myself, and I'm afraid that means not heaving buckets of water or hoses about the place.)

Then we went to book Easter holiday activities for all three boys - guess what? It doesn't pay to be pseudo-super. They don't take bookings until Monday. Humph.

Cello-Boy has just phoned to say he got 87% in his festival piece, and came first. (To please his father, he says that the winning point was probably because he had his tie tucked into his trousers. Don't ask. Please!)

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