Friday, March 24, 2006

We don't yet know who bought the house next-door. Neither do we know whether the new owner will occupy it or let it out to tenants. Ooh, the excitement (and trepidation) of it all!

Turning from the sublime to the ridiculous - my Tesco delivery has just arrived. Bad news - all the chilled goods got left out of the van. The choice was mine: get it delivered on Sunday (yes, Sunday - two days away) or get a refund. I went for the refund. Now - all I have to do is find time to go and buy the chilled stuff myself. Nuts! There was no point in haranguing the poor van-man, nor the lady on the customer helpline. But I thought I was saving myself time by ordering online - and instead, I have to spend some more time rectifying the error.

To my great sadness, my first university has a vacancy that I'd love - but my CV isn't good enough for me to apply. How quickly can I get that PhD? How many articles and papers can I notch up? Not fast enough, that's for sure! And then there's the small problem that I have "wasted" 20 years NOT doing music research, even though I have pursued a professional career in a related field - thereby putting myself at an instant disadvantage against other candidates.

I hope my sons' career paths go more satisfactorily for them. Who knows what their futures hold?

Cello-Boy is doing really well at present, I must say. Two Saturdays ago, he came first in his class at the music festival - AND got a very good distinction in his Cello Grade 4 exam, all on the same day. We're going to celebrate in the traditional family way - in a Tandoori restaurant tomorrow!

Meanwhile - I must do some more reading. I MUST improve my CV. And this PhD is just one part of that project!

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