Thursday, March 30, 2006

What do you do, fellow super-mums, when you're sitting at work quietly answering queries, and the phone rings. A colleague answers it for you, and you promise to return the call.

Having dealt with the query, you're left wondering - what number was SuperSpouse phoning from? Aware that your boss is sitting a mere ten feet away, you work through all the possibilities with as little fuss as possible, and finally, there he is - with another query. This one requires a crystal ball: "What waist am I?"

Girls, I don't even know my own waist measurement! And it was a strange query to answer sitting out at a public enquiry point. You'll be impressed to hear that I must have guessed right, for he managed to buy his new trousers!

Thursday wouldn't be Thursday without choir-practice. I've taken it. I've reported back to the minister, I've filed an online supermarket order, I've taken in swimming shorts - now there remains the washing to hang up, and perhaps half an hour of research before supper-time. Yawn! If only there were 30 hours in a day ...

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