Thursday, March 16, 2006

What is wrong with this? I mean, I'm 47. So I'd say this was fairly appropriate?

Ah, well. Better luck next time, I tell myself. Poor PseudoSupermum's choice was scorned!

Right now, I have more to grumble about than a mere nightie, however. I came in from choir-practice hoping to do my online Tesco order. Alas, there are no delivery slots left until Sunday afternoon, which is inconvenient if I want to serve up a reasonable Sunday lunch!

Whether or not I am supposed to lift heavy weights yet, I am going to go to the supermarket in person tomorrow night. I'll get an Asda Ace to push the trolley out to the car and unload the contents into the boot, then I am not over-exerting myself too much.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday on business in Dundee this week. I found a modest but good hotel, near to everywhere I wanted to visit - had a spot of difficulty getting to it in the dark, but reader, it honestly wasn't my fault. Multimap didn't tell me about -

  1. The narrow footpath along the back of a school playing-field (not very nice)
  2. The eight-foot high brick wall at the end of a road, cutting me off from the crescent where my hotel was!
  3. The equally narrow alleyway with grotty back doorways into some kind of factory buildings - which I finally had to go down, if I wasn't going to be traipsing up and down dark deserted pathways all night long! Luckily there weren't any glue-sniffers or equally unsavoury characters using the doorways that night.

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