Monday, April 24, 2006

After my abortive attempt to find a posh top on Saturday, I found I had the perfect garment at home - it matches the skirt just fine. Even has similar beading.

Today I needed to find a jacket or wrap to complete the ensemble. I spent most of my lunchbreak at the hairdresser, so only had 15 minutes to spare. Did I find anything? Obviously not.

But wait a minute - I discovered that my deep plum blazer (which I'd initially rejected) did actually go very well with the top and skirt. Problem solved, at no expense.

Did SuperSpouse notice I'd been to the hairdresser? Now, what do you think?

This evening I should have studied hard. However, we had tea late - tandoori, to celebrate Middle-Man's tenth birthday. I spent a good bit of time rearranging his bookshelves to accomodate the new micro sound system. And a good bit more time weeding no.3 son's bookshelves of all the babyish, pre-school, pre-reading books.

There's a Christian Aid bookstall coming up soon. You should see the carriers lined up in our hall already, and that's just the offerings from my own and no.3 son's shelves. There is nothing more rewarding than a good book-weeding session. Comes of being a seasoned librarian, I suppose ...

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