Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm black-affrontit! Two drilled and filled cavities later, he slid off the dentist's couch, took his Chewits out of his pocket and calmly started chewing. Whilst the dentist and I were discussing how we were to cut down his sugar-intake. Honestly, what a boy!

At least the dentist decided to give the tooth a chance rather than extract it straight away. I have to say that my little soldier was very brave and really didn't make much fuss when he had to have two fillings done. So I took all three boys out to the DVD shop after tea, and they each rented a DVD. Peace reigns upstairs!

However, I'm still left with the problem of what to put in their lunch-boxes that are nutritious, sugar-free or low-sugar, and still tasty for kids. No-one has emailed me with any suggestions yet. Help!!! I shall have to start looking for books about healthy lunch-boxes and snacks for kids. This parenting lark is never easy, is it?

(Black-affrontit, or black-affronted, means thoroughly ashamed. It's a Scots word.)

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mommyguilt said...

Not like it's any healthier or anything, but mine will take potato chips instead of sugary candy - or fruit snacks - they get the sweet, but I don't think that they have AS much sugar as candies and sweets....

Oh, and I applaud your son for doing so brilliantly at the dentist. I'm looking at the extraction of all of my wisdom teeth, and then some perhaps, this coming Friday and I'm absolutely dreading it...except for sitting in front of my DVD player eating red jello all weekend!