Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm going to a party at the place where I worked 18 years ago - they're celebrating the place being 25 years old.

So - what do I wear? I have to give the impression that I'm doing okay. I mustn't look as though I've totally gone to seed, either. I don't want to be over-dressed, because although I'm travelling down from Scotland, the people who work there will presumably be going straight from work.

I have a nice new purple velvet skirt that I bought in the Sales a couple of months ago - it's quite dressy, so I thought that would do fine.

This afternoon, I went shopping for a top. I tried a couple of things in John Lewis, a top in Wallis, three blouses in East, and a couple more things in other shops. No joy. There was a beautiful top in John Lewis, but the neck was too wide and floppy for me. All three tops in East were very nice, and I really liked one of them - but it was too long to show off the smocked effect at the top of the skirt. Sigh! I went and bought no.2 son's birthday present in Comet and staggered into Ottakar's for a cup of tea while I waited for no.1 son to rendezvous with me.

Back home, I cooked Gratin Dauphinois (because no.1 son recently said that our cuisine was "boring") - then went to look in my wardrobe. Guess what? I have the perfect top already - I had just forgotten about it. So now all I need is a glamorous stole, or wrap, or some kind of floaty jacket. But it should be an easier problem than I had this afternoon.

Having twirled in front of Super-Spouse, I changed back into jeans and tee-shirt to finish cooking tea.

No.1 son loved the Gratin Dauphinois. That's a relief. No.3 son, who is only seven, commented tactfully that "Normally I do enjoy everything you cook, Mum ..." Whilst no.2 son, who had a tummy bug yesterday, decided that discretion was the better part of valour and ate not one scrap of it. Ah, well ... he does want to be fit for his birthday party at Glasgow Climbing Centre tomorrow!

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