Friday, April 07, 2006

It's a typical April day - April showers (huh! the sky is positively dripping with big black rain-clouds) interspersed with sunny spells. And I am off with a miserable sore throat/chesty cold virus. Going back to bed seems too lazy. Staying up seems way too much effort. If I sit and read a book, I'll probably drop off to sleep. Maybe that's exactly what I should do, then.

Later on today, the supermarket run will still be there waiting for me. The laundry will still be waiting to be hung up on the pulley. And - if I don't do something about it - the boys will have become materially absorbed into their game-cube/computer game/ DVD player, never to be seen again. I can't even send them out to play (the boys, that is, not the electronic stuff), because it's too wet.


On a different subject - a


to Felicity, who is 50 tomorrow (well, it's today for her!), in Australia! Lots and lots of best wishes and hoping maybe I might make it in person to the 60th, or failing that the 70th birthday party!

While I was working out what time it would be over there, I found a wonderful website - time and, which miraculously tells you not only what time it is anywhere in the world, but also does clever things like working out how long it is to your own fiftieth birthday (or whatever!) Hours of innocent amusement for all the family.

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