Sunday, April 23, 2006

Planning a boy's 10th birthday party? We're no experts, but we've learnt a few tricks. Try these suggestions:-

  • Buy a good bottle of wine the day before, and chill it well!
  • If you can afford it, have the event somewhere else. (We economise by taking the kids back home for a birthday tea afterwards.)
  • Action is the key - try an indoor climbing centre
  • If a particular combination of guests was unfortunate last year, learn from the experience.
  • Before you go out, hide anything fragile, and anything you really don't want meddled with.
  • Make it plain to your own kids which rooms (eg your own!) are out of bounds.
  • You're not planning a nutritionally sound repast - just filling food, like burgers & baked beans!
  • As soon as the guests sit down to tea, make a decent pot of coffee for yourself.
  • If you've been out for "the party", then you only really need to allow just over an hour for tea before pick-up time.
  • Don't plan anything else for the rest of the day. That bottle will begin to beckon as soon as the kids are in bed!I

If this all sounds very cynical, I apologise. I just happen to believe that planning is the key to everything, and is just as relevant to a kids' party as it is to anything you do at work. If you have thought ahead, and laid down some ground-rules, then you're more likely to have a great party. We did!

Image thanks to Berry Bros & Rudd (wine-merchants) website.

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