Saturday, April 08, 2006

There I was, peacefully and unselfconsciously enjoying a shower. No.3 son looks up and gasps. "Eurghhhhh!"

"What's the matter?" I looked down at my 47-year old self and saw nothing remarkable. "You don't like seeing me in the shower?"

"It's not appropriate for children. ANY children!"

Well, that's me told. I am too disgusting to be seen even by my own family. Huh! I'll have you know I am still an acceptable weight - not officially over-weight, if a little heavier than I used to be. From the neck up, most people don't think I look my age. I can't imagine that I look much older from the neck down - which after all, rarely sees the light of day! (He should see his father .... who is entitled to look older than me, because he IS.)

I never told you the saga of the leaking kettle. I asked SuperSpouse to find the receipt or a credit-card statement, because we hadn't had the offending object more than six months and it shouldn't have been leaking. He couldn't find any proof of purchase. I emailed the company, was asked for the manufacturer's number off the bottom of the kettle, and got an immediate reply saying I could return it. We now have a new kettle - how's that for service? My mother would be proud of me - as SuperSpouse says, it's exactly the kind of thing she'd say.

The image is taken from the Dolphin Bathrooms website - and I'm happy to "borrow" it, because we have been so delighted with our Dolphin Bathroom. Three cheers for Dolphin!

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