Monday, May 08, 2006

Almost but not quite lost at sea!

Last Thursday night, Glasgow was hit by a tremendous thunderstorm - I've never seen anything like it in the UK. Loads of thunder, incredible lightning flashes - and torrential rain.

Canniesburn Toll (a roundabout) was flooded. The Xantia got through that, despite being decidedly low-slung. So I set off up the Switchback Road. You don't tend to think that an uphill road will be flooded. However, there are obviously level stretches. Gingerly following other drivers, I mounted the kerb of the central reservation and set off through the first flood. It was DEEP. The car spluttered, almost stalled, the clutch obviously didn't engage and the internal workings raced. Then, just as I was muttering "I can't do this, I'm going to be stuck, oh HELP!, it did go into first gear and I made it through.

Got a bit further and the same happened again. Through my mind went the dreadful thought that if I stopped, so would everyone else behind me.

I made it home - there was nothing so spectacular on the south side, and the Clyde Tunnel was mercifully just fine - but I was so traumatised that I didn't sleep until 4 am on Friday.

Not long after we both got home from our respective choir practises, no.1 son phoned up. "Are you both okay?" - but before I'd recovered from his touching concern, he cut to the main reason for his call. "Any chance you could drop those cello studies off? I need them for tomorrow's lesson." Go out again in that storm? You gotta be kidding, kid. I thought his teacher would probably understand!

Funnily enough, the two younger boys were a bit scared, but today no.3 son admitted - "actually, I quite liked it, really." Pseudo-Supermum might have enjoyed it more if she hadn't been obliged to drive home in it.

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