Monday, May 15, 2006

At least seven hours' piano playing! Not bad for a normal, action-packed weekend. On top of the swimming lesson, the haircuts, the church organist session, the routine laundry ...

Noble SuperSpouse was conducting a choral concert on Saturday night, you see. I was the honorary pianist, and a lot of practising was required beforehand.

I think the only essential thing that got missed out over the weekend was cleaning the hamster cage, and that is about to be done. It should be Cello-Kid's task, but I'll do it in his absence, as ever. Ocarina-Kid is eager to help.

Viola-Kid had an action-packed weekend of his own, since he went to a Boys' Brigade camp. It was at an outdoor education centre, and he loved all the activities. Sadly, he was upset by some silly name-calling. He absolutely hates people messing about with his name. I can understand that - I went through it myself in primary school. It makes you miserable, and the more you protest what your name really is, the more the little beasts continue to torment you.

I like to think that if the other boys - who I'm sure are all nice, normal little boys at home - knew how they'd upset him, they'd be ashamed of themselves. It makes me very sad. At the end of his exciting weekend, I didn't think I'd be hugging a sobbing little boy, trying to cuddle the hurt away.

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