Sunday, May 28, 2006

"I'm so lucky to have three lovely boys", SuperSpouse commented as he tucked our youngest son into bed the other evening.

"You're lucky to have three such talented boys", the little monkey responded. "Mind you, I don't know what my talents are yet ..."

The three lovely, talented boys put their talents to use dusting Aged Auntie's flat yesterday afternoon. It has been placed in the hands of a letting agency, but we thought it could do with a good clean before they showed anyone round. SuperSpouse booked cleaners for Thursday, but things didn't work out. First he was phoned to ask if he could get their early, then spent the next hour kicking his heels while the cleaners didn't turn up. Finally, when he phoned to ask where they were, he was told they'd been sent to the wrong job. Great! So we spent our Saturday afternoon doing it ourselves.

"I've saved fifty quid", SuperSpouse sighed contentedly. Well, actually ... take off what it cost for McFlurries all round afterwards, and a small contribution to the boys' holiday savings ...

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