Monday, May 01, 2006

The neighbour's cat has just looked over the wall - and with a look of abject panic, slunk away again. Well he might be worried - while we were indoors entertaining visitors, the kids got hold of the hose attachment ... and a grand waterfight ensued. They had a great time, but the garden is very wet, the side lane is flooded (a bit of a problem for the other neighbours who need to wheel their wheely bins out tonight), and we suspect that rather a lot of water might have gone under another lot of neighbours' back yard gate. If their yard is flooded, we can expect an angry knock on the door later on. Time for a sharp exit? That's exactly what Amber the cat decided, as he made himself scarce. At least the sun's shining - maybe some of the water will evaporate before sunset!

Our boys were playing with several of the local lads. They all got completely drenched - as our washing-machine knows to its cost. Another boy, who wasn't in the water fight, has just informed me that two of the others have got in trouble with their mother for being soaking wet. Uh-oh! Guess who won't be the most popular parents on the block right now? (image from

Well, this morning I baked - scones and a sponge-cake - and the bread-machine assisted with buns and a beautiful loaf - and I cooked Chicken Maryland again. The only good thing about it all is that tea is now taken care of. Apart from taking two boys leafleting on behalf of the Boys' Brigade, returning no.1 to his hall of residence, and supervising bath and bedtime, I might even get some research reading done later.

Just one hesitant question - this is a Bank Holiday, right? So bank employees get a day off. I've had a day off, too. But was it really a day off? It seems to me like just a different kind of work! I haven't yet mentioned the muddy carpet when a scooter was wheeled down the lane - BEFORE it got flooded - and then in through our front door. Remember I paid Chem-Dry vast sums of money to cleanse and sterilise our carpets, only two months ago ....?

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