Sunday, June 18, 2006

11 pm on a Sunday, and I'm knackered! But what have I got to show for it?

Yesterday, Cello-Boy took his Grade 5 theory exam. I sat and studied in the University Library whilst I waited. Then we had coffee afterwards, to reward ourselves for our efforts.

In the afternoon, I booked the boys' summer daycare. I won't even mention the vast amount this is costing us. Put it this way, it would be cheaper for Super-Spouse to be at home, but of course it's not an option because he can't just opt out of work for the summer!

When we got back, I had a massive sorting-out of paperwork at home. It felt as though things were getting on top of me. They were - I found a credit card bill that I'd overlooked. I had truthfully been under the impression that I hadn't received a statement from them that month, and I expected it to arrive any day. But it had arrived. It had just become submerged under other papers. I haven't finished my massive sort-out yet, but had to stop eventually - because on Tuesday I have my annual postgraduate review. And so I needed to sort out my papers and my head for that.

I've revised my bibliography. Looked at last year's Grand Plan, revised it for this year, and written a Time Plan scheduling what I need to do next. Oh golly, do you think I'll manage it?

I reached a point last week where I was almost ready to say "Okay, I quit - now you can't quit me!" - but hopefully it'll go okay and I'll be allowed to continue ...

Send me some encouragement, please!

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