Monday, June 26, 2006

Ah, Sunday - the day of rest (?)

I'm going to fly down to visit my parents in England on Saturday, returning on Sunday. This meant that the boys would either have to go to church with SuperSpouse, or have someone delegated to look after them at my church. SuperSpouse flung his hands up in horror at the thought of trailing them from one early morning service at one church, to the main morning service at another. I found a willing volunteer at my church, and we started exchanging emails to get the arrangements all tied up and sorted.

I came home from church and announced proudly that it was All Sorted Out. At which a strange, slithery, awkward expression stole across SuperSpouse's face. "Um - I've just remembered - I'm not actually playing the organ next Sunday. Someone else is." Duh! Ah well, it was good organisational experience, I suppose.

In the evening I took our two oldest boys to the Lord of the Rings Symphony at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Coming out of the multi-storey carpark, there were some strange noises coming from under the car. I found somewhere to park and saw I had a flat tyre. Well, I pay for breakdown cover, so I phoned for it, and we settled down to wait. Could I get through to SuperSpouse to advise him what had happened? No, he was on the phone. You know that irritating female voice. "The person you are calling knows you are waiting." So I tried again, and again, and again. Engaged. I phoned a neighbour who managed to prise him off the phone ... he'd been chatting to his mother-in-law. Each of them assures me that it wasn't them that was doing all the talking.

Eventually, SuperSpouse came to collect the boys - to be followed, two minutes later, by the breakdown van. The tyre was changed - then the fun began.
The suspension appeared to go down (this is a Citroen Xantia we're talking about - you have to raise the suspension to change a wheel) - but I had a bouncy drive home. A bouncy drive to Kwikfit this morning, and a bouncy drive to where I leave my car when I take the underground to work. Would you be impressed if I suggested it was either the rear spheres, the rear height adjuster or the linkage to the height adjuster? I thought you would. I've been googling again. We'll see if I'm right when I go to the garage tomorrow. I don't fancy riding my 4-wheeled pogo stick all the way into the city, but I really have little alternative. What a miserable prospect!

But I digress. I got home just before midnight last night, to be told that Cello-Boy's cello case zip really had broken and wouldn't zip up at all. He now has the only cross-dressing cello in the west of Scotland, if not the whole of Scotland. The case is held together by a red satin ribbon and a green and gold Christmas tree-embossed ribbon. It looks bizarre but keeps the cello protected. And I hope the parcel waiting at the sorting office will turn out to be our new cello case tomorrow!

That was Sunday - as I mentioned, a day of rest. Ahhhh!

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