Saturday, June 03, 2006

Do things always all go wrong at once? The TV died (permanently) on Thursday. Cello-boy's music stand died (ditto) this afternoon. And only hours later, Ocarina kid realised that we no longer had Cello-boy's water-gun, which had expired some weeks ago.

We replaced the TV this afternoon - owch! Cello-boy had a sleepover invitation, but we made him go TV shopping with us first, because he'd have had enough to say about it if we bought something that he didn't think progressive enough.

Mercifully, replacing the Super-Soaker merely meant going to Toys'R'Us, and I've replaced the music stand by an eBay purchase just now.

Of course, having bought the Wasp water-gun, it had to be tried out. The washing-machine is manfully dealing with the detritus of two separate, totally wicked water-fights. I finished making a Summer Pudding for our lunch guest tomorrow (see Pseudo-Supercook), cleaned up the kitchen work-surfaces (my fault) and mopped the floor (see above) - it being impossible to get two wet little boys indoors without a bit of mud and grass accompanying them!

And so to Jacobite song. A bit of a big leap? One small step for the Recycled Postgrad, one giant leap for Pseudo-Supermum ... Excuse me while I don my thinking cap for a while.

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