Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Exercise? I walked 6 miles today! (and drove another 15.) Join the dots to chart my progress!

11. Cello-Boy's hall of residence

5, 9. Partick ___________8. Hillhead --------6. Cowcaddens

2, 4. Garage ----------------------------------------3, 7. Work



1, 10, 12 Home

1-2 Take car to garage; 2-3 walk to work; WORK; 3.4 Walk back to garage; 4-5 park in Partick; 5-6 Underground to Cowcaddens; walk to work; WORK; 6-7 walk to Cowcaddens; 7-8 underground to Hillhead; walk to Uni.; MEET SUPERVISOR; walk back to Hillhead; 8-9 underground to Partick; walk to parked car; 9-10 drive home; COOK TEA, console ailing SuperSpouse; 10-11 deliver cello-bag to Cello-Boy; 11 -12 home again.

The good news is that I got it right about the fault on my car's suspension. As Google said, it was the linkage to the height-adjuster - which is a tiny piece of white plastic like an enlarged K'Nex component! The other good news is that I was told my car, with its 110,000 mileage, is still but a child. Excellent - I won't rush to replace it yet!

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