Friday, June 23, 2006

Going loopy

Well, I've had a busy night. I did the supermarket run. And then I decided to tackle the difficult problem of finding someone to deputise for me (as a church organist) while I'm away on holiday. After a number of calls, I succeeded. Hallelujah!

And then things started to unravel. Having phoned and fixed up a deputy, I emailed him to confirm the arrangements. Misread his email address, so it was bounced back. Pity I'd copied it in to various church folk, who wouldn't have known it was bounced.

What did Muggins do? Corrected the email address, sent it to all recipients again (thinking they'd need to know the correct address) - but SuperSpouse came to tell me something as I was correcting the email address, so I inadvertently missed off the "" at the end of it. Bounced again.

Tried again - a different message came up. At this stage I began to wonder if snailmail didn't have much to recommend it. Still, I made a fourth attempt, and it hasn't been bounced back, so I'm hopeful that I've now got it right. The only trouble is, everyone has now witnessed my scatty attempts to send an email - and I'm usually so IT-literate. I shall eventually have to email all the other recipients to ensure they have ended up with a workable email address!

It gets better. By now in a total flap, I couldn't remember who I'd engaged to deputise for me next week! Mercifully I had made a handwritten note to myself, so all was well once I'd calmed down enough to find it.

I'm working tomorrow (Saturday). Don't know when I'm going to get any reading done ... No.2 son is desperate to do some more baking, and I've promised we'll do it tomorrow evening. How can I stand in the way of such enthusiasm? (takes you to a page where you can hear the music!)

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