Saturday, June 24, 2006


I see I've started the last two blogs somewhat defensively with "Well". But what I am defending myself about? And to whom?

Rather unusually, I went to work today (Saturday). I have to say that I got a lot done. However, I then came home, cooked tea, went and bought wine, lottery tickets and a water-gun for Cello-Boy, chased no.3 son to bed and then ....


Like Zebedee, no.2 son bounced up and reminded me I'd promised to "do baking" with him this evening. They had been playing cards with a friend, so I'd assumed he'd forgotten about my promise. Not so! We "did baking". I had to reassure him that butter would make nicer cookies than if he used margarine - since there wasn't enough baking margarine for the recipe. Then his teacher hadn't said whether to use plain or self-raising flour. I took a chance and used SR. Lastly, the timing seemed rather long. And it was!

To my relief, two trays of quite acceptable cookies came out of the oven, so one little boy is happy. Indeed, he's doubly happy. He has had a loose tooth for over a week, and it's been driving him mad. He's sat and wiggled and jiggled - he's even got out of bed and stood in front of the bathroom mirror wiggling and jiggling until nearly midnight, to no avail. This evening ...

SuperSpouse and I were sitting talking when he burst into the room, wreathed in smiles. "I've pulled the little bugger out!", he announced proudly. Ahem. We don't use that kind of language. But, on this occasion and considering the grief it has caused us ...

We await the tooth-fairy. She collects shiny white teeth to build her castle in the sky. And leaves a shiny £1 coin in their place. Three cheers for the tooth-fairy. Download your own Tooth Fairy Certificate from .

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