Tuesday, June 20, 2006

When the lights go off, you can't blog.

We've just had a power-cut. It is surprising how quiet - and how gloomy - a house becomes when the lights go off at 7 pm. This being Scotland, it would have been okay if it was a sunny evening, but tonight it's wet and windy. Of course. As the Professor said to me this afternoon, "Last week we had someone else's weather - and now they've given us our own back!" While the power was off, our technology-dependent family and home ground to a halt. I couldn't even have a cup of tea!

Mentioning the Professor isn't name-dropping, I hasten to add. I've just had my annual postgrad assessment today. Now, you'd think a grown woman of 47 with a career, a husband and three sons, would be able to handle a postgraduate assessment without having an attack of nerves. But I've spent the past week in a state of indescribable panic.

However, it seemed to go well. I can't be certain, of course, until I get my report. But it felt as though it went okay. And they like my written style, which is gratifying. I've just told my husband that all those years of writing short stories for the People's Friend, not to mention recent years blogging for the hell of it, have obviously paid off. I can write, folks! I can't bring myself to write long, complicated sentences with lots of semicolons and parentheses, not to mention all those difficult words* that I have to look up when I'm reading a scholarly article - let's face it, there's generally no need.

I am going to indulge in an evening of Doing Nothing. I propose to go out to buy garlic bread as a supper-time treat. Get the boys to bed. Have a bath, and do my nails slowly and carefully. Maybe listen to a CD and read a book. As I said, Do Nothing!

*Here's a selection from the last book I was reading:- historicism, hegemony, liberation argot [liberation I understand - but argot?], densely contextualised, New Historicism, premiss, hermaneutic, diachronic, synchronic. They never used those in the People's Friend!

This image comes from fatbraintoys.com - where they encourage kids to use big words. I wonder if any of the above words are in the tin????

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