Friday, July 21, 2006

How do these gadgets know?!

Last summer, the cooker exploded while SuperSpouse was away. On 29th December, the washing-machine packed up, knowing a public holiday would throw a spanner in the works. On Fair Friday, the washing-machine packs up again, knowing that SuperSpouse is about to go away, AND a public holiday will throw another spanner in the works. You could see the look of triumph in its eyes.

Aha! The engineer arrived at 8.45 am on Tuesday, I got to work by 10.15 am, and I needn't even have gone to work (totally alone in the department) on Holiday Monday. I think that equals a draw, as far as the washing-machine is concerned!

SuperSpouse went away yesterday. Last night, the cord that draws the bay-window curtains, jammed in the closed position. This morning I was up there with a step-ladder. Now, our ceilings are high, our windows are high, the ladders are tall - but as SuperSpouse delights in reminding me, I am a wee short-arse. I can't fix the cord. How did it know that he was going away?

If things go in threes, I suppose I ought to be watching all other appliances closely. But, that's just being superstitious. Isn't it?

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