Friday, July 14, 2006

I hate buses, and I'm not too keen on washing machines.

I've just done a Google search to establish that the washing-machine engineer came to fix our machine on 28 December last year. Last night, the machine was up to its tricks again. This time, it still functions but it sounds as though it's full of pebbles. It isn't!

Because it's the Glasgow Fair Weekend, Monday is a public holiday, so I have to take Tuesday off to be at home for the engineer. And I'll go to work on Monday to make up the time. Just think how much work I'll achieve in a virtually empty building!

Next week is really shaping up well. First, working on a holiday. Then waiting at home for the engineer. A medical appointment on Wednesday, and a church commitment later on in the week, time to be confirmed. My boss will wonder if I am actually still a full-time employee. Meanwhile, SuperSpouse goes to Budapest on Wednesday and I have to get organised for the proper family holiday. For this, I need a washing-machine!

Come to think of it, when SuperSpouse went on his society outing last year, the cooker exploded. This time, the washing-machine couldn't even wait for his departure! Is this some kind of conspiracy on the part of of domestic appliances? I shall have to keep a close eye on the kettle, the iron, the fridge ...

There's an episode of an American sitcom called "A thing about machines" - could the scriptwriters have known about me?

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