Sunday, July 16, 2006

If going to church makes you feel virtuous, try doing a whole load of handwashing first!

That stupid, idiotic machine, which completed a whole cycle without spinning or emptying itself, then stopped just short of the Stop symbol ...

SuperSpouse came home last night, twirled the dial a few times, and the machine grumblingly span, and emptied. He took the washing OFF the line a bit at a time, spun it and hung it outside again.

I wasn't taking any chances this morning. What would I do if the machine stopped, FULL of water rather than half-full? Hence the early-morning laundry session. My soul is whiter than white. So are our shirts.

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By the way - to the person who posted a stupid comment saying that a website about clothes-lines looked right up my street - please go hang yourself with your clothes-line, because it has nothing to do with my blog!

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