Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm melting!

If your keyboard feels hot and sticky, it proves you're telepathic. Whew, what a busy day we've had. Cello-boy needed a haircut, and all three boys had a learning experience at a bureau de change. (They may as well learn that if you need Euros, you have to go somewhere and organise it - it doesn't happen magically behind the scenes.) We also bought comics all round - not to be read until we actually go on holiday.

Back home, via the supermarket. That took longer than I expected - there was a massive Scalextrix set up outside the store, so the boys stood and watched the layout being assembled while I shopped. Then we all waited so they could have a go.

This afternoon went haywire thanks to my printer. It needed more ink, so I replaced the cartridge. This would have been okay, if it wasn't for the fact that I replaced the colour cartridge then realised it was actually the black one that needed changing. We had to drive to PC World. Back home to cool down, then out to the branch library - where we put in a request for a book that Viola-boy wanted. And then on to the park, and finally home.

Welcome to the new gadget - it came uninvited

Three cheers for - I ordered a lady's razor, and it turned out to be unavailable. They sent me a free Kenwood Concert smoothie maker as a consolation. Very nice, too. Cello-boy and I enjoyed my plum and peach smoothie, though the two youngest boys weren't convinced. Maybe I'll try strawberries next time.

Meanwhile, of course, I still don't have a lady's razor and have to struggle on with the plastic Bic flesh-nicker! So I had a look at and will within a couple of weeks be a smoothie myself again...

SuperSpouse has just called from Budapest, where he's melting even more than we are. Spare a moment of silent sympathy for a crowd of tram enthusiasts quietly melting in a mid-European heatwave, whilst I beaver away washing and folding and contemplating ironing in anticipation of our family holiday later on...

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