Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No-one has noticed yet, but I think one of our goldfish is on the way out.

It's lurking at the bottom of the tank, and when it comes to the surface it's a bit wobbly on its fins. I changed the water in the tank this evening, in the hope it might perk the fish up. I also cleaned out the hamster cage. (The image is from motthall.org - to me it looks like a goldfish going up to heaven, but maybe I have a warped sense of humour!)

I won't ask why it's always me that gets these chores: it doesn't occur to anyone else that they need doing. Likewise, I have to ask the boys to put their clean clothes away - and eventually they do it - but they wouldn't notice either that their chests of drawers were getting empty, or that the baskets full of clean clothes were almost overflowing...

Have I done any writing of my research chapter yet? I did a couple of pages earlier this week, but haven't done any this evening. I bought a new loose-leaf file and some file-dividers at lunch-time, in the hope that being more organised will help me in my task. I must be tired - the spirit is willing but the flesh is decidedly weak.

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