Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Remember the biblical story about the tower of Babel, where everyone was talking all at once? Welcome to our house! This evening I was being asked where the Cif was, at the same time as Ocarina-Kid was yelling that he'd lost the TV remote, whilst Super-Spouse demanded a cup of tea, and someone else's kid wanted Cello-Boy and Viola-Boy to go outside to play. Cello-Boy didn't know where Viola-Boy was in any case, so he was shouting all round the house for him.

When I got round to making the cup of tea and taking it upstairs, behold there was No Super-Spouse in the House. He was outside talking to the neighbour, as were our two oldest sons and the kid who wanted to play with them. And they were all making a fuss of our neighbour's labradoodle puppy. Super-Spouse got his tea out on the pavement, and I went to look for the missing remote.

As you might guess, I ended up making a fresh cuppa for myself.

Cello-Boy is home from his camping weekend, and the washing-machine feels loved and needed once more. I ought to be doing some more research reading now everyone's in bed, so excuse me if I dash off ...

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