Wednesday, August 30, 2006

As of 29th August, my car was paid for. So - why does it choose now to develop lots of irritating faults?

Well, granted the radio has turned itself on and off intermittently for years. Sometimes it plays a note of a tune, or one word of the announcer's introduction, then goes off again. Sometimes it plays a whole movement of a symphony without turning off. Citroen did once send the radio away to get it checked, found nothing wrong, reinstalled it, and it behaved perfectly for a few months - then started its antics again. I can live with it. Or without it, depending on its mood.

The indicator started playing up more recently. The lights blinked when required, but the sound went "kerplinka plinka plink" on and off every journey until Sunday evening when I started up; then to the accelerated sound of "kerplink, plink, plink", there was a tiny puff of smoke behind the steering-wheel. Then it behaved itself. Eh?

Add to that the new development last weekend: smoke coming from the front windscreen heater vents. Initially I thought it was dust, as this was the first time I'd used the heater since spring. Wrong! It worsened. I phoned the garage on Monday, and the man reassuringly said that the indicator must be shorting out behind the dashboard.

I took it in today. Now I have a new indicator stalk, and the indicator only kerplinks when required.
I have new spark-plugs - the first since the car was made, 110,000 miles ago. The bill was very reasonable, but not small.

However - the radio is still a mystery, and as for the smoke belching from the dashboard? Not smoke but steam mixed with antifreeze. I have a leak in the heater matrix. Right. Hopefully the liquid sealant will have sealed it, but if not, we're looking at a big fat repair bill.

So - I finish paying for the car and move on to paying to keep it going ...!

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