Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A few days before we went on holiday, I helpfully filled in an internet blog for our local newspaper, Glasgow's Evening Times. They're running a campaign for better public transport in Glasgow. They interviewed me and published two features while we were away on holiday, but they also published the internet blog. Read Karen's Diary of Despair, online.

How can I sum up two weeks' worth of family holiday? In four sentences, I think!

  • SuperSpouse has had bronchitis and has been quite unwell.
  • Germany was bright and sunny, if a little hot, but we enjoyed visiting my old school penfriend and her family.
  • Holland was rainy and not very different from the UK.
  • Problems notwithstanding, we have lots of happy memories and did manage to pack a lot into the trip.

Since arriving home at 2 pm today, I have spent hours unpacking, loading and unloading the washing machine and hanging stuff up to dry - and I'm not done yet. SuperSpouse says I shouldn't complain because at least the machine does the actual washing for me. I'm grateful, oh I'm grateful. I still feel as though I've been quite busy!

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