Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Further to my rail-travel rant - I am a grumpy, frumpy old woman today. Yesterday, I wore my turquoise and white print summer skirt from Bhs, with a plain turquoise tee-shirt from M&S. I felt good about myself.

Today, I wore a white sleeveless Asda shirt with the same skirt. Same shoes, same handbag. It was chilly, so I added a thin white cotton "cardigan" on top. The blouse makes me look fat. The shoes suddenly do nothing for me - not with this particular outfit - and I was horribly aware that I just looked middle-aged and dreary.

I have to smarten up tomorrow, or I might as well go out dressed in a black bin-bag and really look a sight. I'd attract more attention in a bin-bag, I suppose ...

Image from craftingpa.com

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