Friday, September 08, 2006

Do you ever wake up and KNOW it's not going to be your day?

Fed up with a soul-destroying project at work (90% finished - and I'm 90% done in) - I really DIDN'T need a colleague from another department to come and pour a bucket-load of negativity over my already bowed head the other day. So yesterday, a bear with a sore head would have been a more amenable character than me. Nonetheless I had a cup of coffee and just got on with things.

What happened, then? A senior colleague from another department came in and rattled my cage some more.

I toyed with the idea of taking a half-day's leave and removing myself from the premises before I went to bits. But - I didn't want to sacrifice half a day, and believe it or not I still want to see that project finished. I won't rest until it is.

Anyway, I had already booked today as a day's leave, so that was a small oasis of calm on the horizon.

Last night, I got back from choir to find Viola Kid still coughing. He coughed himself sick. I cleared up, got him off to bed, and THEN had to bake Ocarina Kid's eighth birthday cake. Done - finished at 11.30 pm.

Today, I had Viola Kid for company - I'd planned a quiet study morning in the university library, but I didn't dare send Viola Kid to school in case the school office tried to phone me and demand that I bring him home again. And I can't have my mobile on in the library. Viola Kid had a great day, painting models. He wasn't, to be truthful, very ill at all.

So I've sorted and washed and hung out washing, been to the pharmacy, written a letter, made a few phone-calls, iced a cake ... played for a wedding, cooked tea, taxied Cello-Boy to Boys' Brigade and back, supervised two lots of practiceand three gettings ready for bed, fetched in the last load of washing off the line and put some more in the machine ...

I'm off to have a bath then collapse into bed. SuperSpouse is out at a meeting (followed by Valuable Drinking Time) - and I'm afraid I'm too done-in to wait up for him this time.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like your life is quite boring and stress level may be high. Why not drop some of the work load and take up some form of exercise to get yourself socialized since superspouse is have a drinking session; YOGA may be a good bet.