Monday, September 04, 2006

Gum-boil? Abscess? Is there any difference?

Small-Fry had one over the weekend, whatever it was. It seemed to clear up yesterday, but I thought we'd better get it checked out with the dentist today.

Viola-kid woke, still coughing - but I couldn't deal with a trip to the dentist and a trip to the doctor in one supposedly working day. So I went to work, and phoned the dentist. (Maybe we'll fit in a trip to the doctor tomorrow.)

Then phoned Super-Spouse, who I thought was at home this morning, to tell him about the appointment. No Super-Spouse. After phoning seven times, I apologised to my boss and went to pick up the invalid from school myself. Once in the car-park near our dentist, I phoned home one last time. Success! Super-Spouse turned into a knight in shining armour and came to take the invalid back to school again after his appointment. Nothing needed doing about the abscess, but a filling was replaced in the neighbouring tooth. And that was that.

I hurtled back to work, pausing only to make a quick coffee - no time for lunch - then went to the meeting that I was hosting. I must be getting old - all this rushing around isn't good for me.

Tomorrow, I think, is a slightly calmer day. But I do have a meeting with my supervisor at the University, so right now I ought to be working on my Chapter. Excuse me .... I'll just go and make a cup of tea first ...

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