Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sneakily enjoying a little bit of peace while the guys are out, I decided to update my blog. What should I really be doing? Updating my PhD chapter, that's what! (To be honest, there isn't really time to open up the chapter and gather my thoughts, so it's hardly worth starting until later on tonight.)

Ocarina Kid is now eight! And he's just started piano lessons - a "real" instrument now. He sat next to his piano teacher and anxiously said, "I don't think I'm going to be very good at this". Of course, he's doing fine anyway.

Viola Kid went to the string training orchestra for the first time today - and I think he rather enjoyed himself. He has a new friend, too - the boy sitting beside him. That's encouraging.

Meanwhile Cello Kid went back to the orchestra to say hello to his old cello teacher - they were gratifyingly pleased to see each other - and now he's out with SuperSpouse, his brothers and two friends, enjoying a film as his 13th birthday treat. The big day is on Monday - a teenager at last. In a few minutes I shall go and join them at Pizza Hut for the celebration meal. I didn't fancy the film, but I want to be part of the celebrations that follow! And we have a friend (whom he met at the aforementioned string training orchestra) coming back with us for a sleepover tonight. Cinema, pizza, a sleepover - and a new webcam - what boy could want more?

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